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Managing your brand’s online reputation requires time and commitment. With everything else you have going on, you probably don’t have the capacity to take on yet another aspect of digital marketing. Don’t worry, Amplitude Marketing is here for you! 

Our reputation management services help to generate positive reviews for your business. Boost your customer referrals and increase your search engine rankings with our reputation management services. 

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I already have testimonials on my site, why do I need reviews?

Testimonials are great on your website, but that means people are already on your website. When people are searching for businesses online, they don’t know about your website yet. You need actual reviews on the platform where people search for businesses.



How do reviews help my search rankings?

Google uses online reviews to gauge whether or not your brand is meeting the needs of consumers. Lots of good reviews send Google a signal that not only is your business is real, but also that consumers are having positive interactions with your brand.



How many review sites do I need to be on?

We recommend at least 5, if not more.  Online directories and review sites like Yelp, Google My Business, and Facebook are all top dogs in the world of online reviews. These sites serve as a powerful way to funnel consumers to your website without having to invest the time and resources trying to rank organically for select search terms.



I sell services, not products.  Can reviews still help me?

Absolutely! Your business is built on trust and customers trust reviews.  Reviews make your website more alluring to browsing consumers, which results in higher traffic. Higher website traffic sends Google a positive signal that people believe your business has the solution to their problem.


of customers don't take action until they have read reviews both positive and negative.


of reviews originate from follow-up emails urging buyers to review their purchases


of consumers hesitate to purchase an item or service with no reviews

Amplitude Marketing is an online reputation management company that delivers results


We are dedicated and committed to helping businesses build brand awareness and credibility through encouraging positive reviews. Your business’ online reputation is important, so make sure you are working with an online reputation management company that is committed to making a difference.


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