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The future is happening right now…even as you’re scrolling. Do you have a sound marketing strategy that takes your brand right to your target audience? Is it frustrating having to turn your mind to the intricacies of online advertising and content creation instead of running your business — doing what you do best?

Digital marketing has proliferated and evolved to the point that just throwing up posts will get you absolutely nowhere. Consumers have become savvy about new technological platforms and expect more sophisticated digital content. Anything less won’t resonate or, even worse, won’t even cross their screens.

That’s where we come in.

Why Do the Work of Two Businesses?

We take it you’re not trained digital marketing specialists; otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this right now. You may have been trying to market your business on one or more social media platforms. You may have read up on search engine optimization (SEO) and plunked in what you hoped would be the magic words. Maybe you overhauled your web page or tried to entice an influencer to talk about your brand. For all that work, you were probably disappointed by the lack of responses and the inability to make your message “go viral.” 

All that time could have been spent on your actual business. That’s your forte. Ours is digital marketing.

Here’s why you should leave your campaign in our capable hands.

Focus on Growing Your Business

It makes sense that if your business is not in the digital marketing industry, your core skill set is not digital marketing. Guess what — ours is. We’re happy to free up that valuable time for you so you can concentrate on your business objectives and being successful. Let us properly develop and implement a smart digital marketing strategy. Let us worry about where, when, and what to post and to come up with creative content. Let’s each do what we’re good at!

Generate Awareness and Traffic

With more than 3 billion active users on social media, there is a huge untapped wellspring of potential customers. Getting their attention requires much more messaging finesse nowadays. We know how to identify and hone in on your target audience and prospective consumer base, as well as how to pique their interest and lead them to you. In turn, these customers will lead us down further paths — to even more pools of future customers.

Elevate Your Brand Reputation

Enhancing brand awareness is vital to any digital marketing strategy because of its immense impact on consumers’ decision-making. The more familiar and comfortable people are with your brand, the more likely they are going to support your business — and buy what you are selling. Strategic and continual digital content of interest to your target audience may also change one-time buyers to loyal customers who keep coming back to your business.

Higher Revenues

Just having the traffic doesn’t guarantee sales. We know how to go the extra mile and work towards conversions. After all, what good are customers if they aren’t buying your products or services? Happy customers also provide excellent word-of-mouth marketing. What starts out as one transaction can metamorphose into a chain of transactions — meaning more revenue and a bigger profit margin. Do more of what you love — for more money! 

what you get with us

It’s easy to say, “Sure, we’ll come up with a great digital marketing strategy for you,” but what does this actually mean? Well, first we’ll get to know your business — objectives, strengths, shortcomings — and you. Part of the vital branding process is figuring out your brand’s “voice.” We will also research the best target audiences for your business and your brand. From there, we will create an action plan that concentrates on the smartest ways to get to your prospective customers — where they are, who they are, and what they’re really looking for. We will develop, implement, maintain, and monitor the digital marketing plan.

Every digital marketing strategy, once deployed, will be supported with:

  • 4 blog posts a month. When it comes to informational blogs or snippets of industry expertise, one article every once in a while just won’t do. For there to be an incentive for viewers/prospective customers to follow blogs — infrequent articles tend to make blogs slip off the consumers’ radars. By creating and posting an interesting piece about once a week, we will keep your business at the forefront of subscribers’ minds.
  • 3 posts a week on social media. More than half the world’s population is on social media. That’s a lot of traffic passing you by, especially if you don’t post during peak hours — which are different for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google My Business. By scheduling and posting strategically onto these platforms, we can catch many potential customers. (Note: can be upgraded to 5 or 7 days.)
  • Automatic LinkedIn outreach. LinkedIn is known as the platform for professionals and is invaluable for expanding your network. Connections that are made but not contacted and engaged are only names. We develop an outreach approach that will get conversations started, and we indicate to contacts that you are ready to do business. It can be a tedious process, which is why it’s great that we are taking it out of your hands and running with it.
  • Review and reputation management. Businesses often overlook the power of online reviews as part of digital marketing. Ask consumers how to find out about a service or company, however, and many will tell you they check out what’s been written on YELP, Google, and other rating services. That’s why we will be monitoring and obtaining reviews for your business to build that trust with customers upfront.
  • Monthly email newsletter with custom template. You know how parents complain about infrequent contact and feeling left out of your life? Customers can be similar. By touching base with them at least once a month through an emailed newsletter with updates and good-to-know information, you will be reinforcing the loyalty and satisfaction of your subscribers. Not only are you reminding them that you are there, but you are also making them feel included in the business.
  • Monthly Lead Magnet. Every month, we write and design a “lead magnet” for our clients. This is an effective and valuable tool that can help build your email list by identifying and nurturing potential leads.
  • Monthly strategy meeting. Even after we have deployed your new digital marketing strategy, implementing an annual editorial calendar and working with themes and keywords that make sense for your business, we meet on a monthly basis to confirm and reinforce the best digital marketing strategy. That way, we can take advantage of opportunities that present themselves, incorporating relevant industry specific news into posts and announcements. 
  • Monthly analytics and reporting. You are always kept up to date about the different metrics we are using. We let the numbers do some of the talking to inform any strategic changes or to reaffirm the direction we have taken. This way, you know how our work is helping you grow your business.



Annual Retainer: $1950 per month

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