Yes, You Can Implement a Digital Marketing Strategy in a Regulated Industry

Here at Amplitude Marketing many of the clients we work with are in regulated industries.  So you may be wondering how we’re able to successfully implement digital marketing programs for those clients. 

Regulated industries have incredible restrictions on publishing, advertising, and even live interviews. Every piece of content must be reviewed by an attorney, and even a compliance agency or department. This is a very difficult marketing environment. And yet many organizations are marketing machines.  How do they do it?

Simple, you have to stop giving into the fear of the digital realm and the obsessive need for print collateral. It requires an overhaul your strategy, your organization, and your mindset to successfully implement a digital marketing plan. 

Here’s what you need to do:

Leadership Buy-In.  It’s incredibly important for leadership to be fully invested in making this work. 

Partner with the legal department. You must include the legal team in the beginning stages of the plan. Much of the content needs approval by an attorney.  Involving them at the beginning helps the process go much more smoothly

Building strong workflows and approval processes is key.  Identifying the key decision makers for content at the outset is incredibly important.  Developing a content calendar and plan makes it easy to get content approved.

Data and analysis is important.  Analyzing feedback on content allows new content to be tailored to what the audience wants. 

Maximize your content. Repurposing content into different marketing channels gets the most economic value from your content investment.

Don’t accept no. Search for alternatives and compromises. Come up with creative solutions rather than hitting the wall.

Be patient. Content marketing is a long-term investment, but it’s also a huge opportunity to differentiate yourself from the market.

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Not sure how to get started.  At Amplitude Marketing, we help our clients implement content marketing strategies unique to them. Our experts can do the same for you. We understand you are in the middle of a journey to grow your business, and we want to help guide you to success.  We look forward to helping you achieve your goals.

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