Develop Your Inbound Marketing Plan for 2020

Looking to craft a killer inbound marketing strategy in 2020? Here are 6 ways to use inbound marketing to grow your business

1. Back to Basics

Like all forms of marketing strategy, inbound requires that you have three things down pat. You must:

  • Know your brand
  • Know your competitors
  • Know your target audience

With a little research and creativity, a knowledge of your brand, and a pretty good understanding of your competition, you can use metrics and analytics to tweak your buyer personas to more effectively identify and cater to your target audiences.


2. Is your Website an Asset or an Hindrance?

Since your website is more than likely to be the place your target audience goes to get their all-important first impression of your company, you need to make sure what they see upon arrival is what you want them to see. You have about 10 seconds to keep their attention.  Make sure your site has the following attributes:

  • Mobile responsive design
  • Easy Navigation
  • Eye-pleasing colors, fonts, and beautifully rendered images
  • Fast loading speed on landing pages


3. SEO is Important

While the term search engine optimization (SEO) seems a bit overused, there’s no denying that SEO still matters. When choosing your keywords for your content, think like your audience thinks. When a customer is searching for a solution to his or her problem, what words and phrases will customers type into a search engine to find your services? This is where keyword planning tools and Google Analytics come in handy.  Once you determine your keyword strategy, use those keywords in your page headers, blogs, meta descriptions, and anywhere else you can do so naturally.

Avoid keyword stuffing, as search engines do not appreciate the practice any more than your customers will. Remember that keywords are important, but relevant content is even more important for good SEO.


4. Lead Nurturing is Key

Inbound marketing is about using multiple channels to pull your audience in. Make good use of social media to keep your brand in the forefront of the minds of your target audience. Depending on your organization, you may find your contacts prefer to engage with your content most on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or another social media platform.

Encourage sharing by displaying social media buttons prominently on your content. Let your audience begin to do some of the marketing for you.


5. Don’t Forget Customer Service

If you want to experience consistent growth, it is essential to continue to nurture your customer relationships long after conversion. Inbound marketing involves a steady, consistent stream of relevant content, segmented according to stages of the customer lifecycle.

Your nurturing efforts must be targeted, relevant, and continual. In this way, you build not just a one-time sale, but a customer for life — a loyal brand advocate who will remain a customer and help you convert other customers over time.


6. Analyze, Report, and Measure

Consistency does not mean repeating the same thing over and over. It’s important to continually analyze how your inbound marketing strategy is working and make continual adjustments where needed.

Inbound marketing is not a fill in the blanks exercise. It’s a creative process that flows with industry trends and keeps up with the customer journey. Measuring your campaigns will help you not only understand which efforts are driving success, but will give you a better understanding of your customers’ needs and wants.

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