Blogging with a Purpose

Organizations start blogs with the best of intentions. You’re going to write regularly, give away valuable content to your readers, and really engage with them. Instead, what happens is a blog that ends up being another news release platform for your organization, and the last original content is over a year old.  It’s okay. Business blogs are one of the hardest marketing channel for businesses to keep updated because of the time commitment needed Many businesses feel that blogging and by extension content marketing isn’t an effective tactic for them.  That’s what happens when you’re not blogging with a purpose. If you don’t understand who your writing for and why, your blog will end up becoming yet another failed experiment.   

Here are some tips on making your blog work for you.

  1. Consistency is Key. Write regularly. That’s why business blogs often fail, because they’re neglected after a period of time. Develop a content generation system to keep the momentum going.
  1. Infographics are your friend. It allows you to put a lot of information into a visual format. 
  1. Easy Reading. Choose a clear font and easy on the eye colors for your blog. Use good business blog practices like lists, bullet points, white space, etc. Especially for longer posts.
  1. Focus on Educating Your Readers. Business blog readers don’t want to read a sales pitch, so minimize advertorials and press releases. Write informative, educational content first. Always include calls-to-actions (CTAs) at the end of the post. 
  1. Minimize Clicks. Make your blog content easy for people to find.  Don’t hide your content behind a subscription screen or gate it off. The more clicks it takes to find your content the more likely you lose visitors to your site. 
  1. Tell a story. The best blogs tell a great story that resonate with their readers.
  1. Show your Passion.  Let the passion for your business shine through your posts.  If you’re excited about your topics, your readers will be too. 
  1. Marketing is an Investment. Content marketing and blogging is a long-term strategy. You need to invest in the best writers, tools, and software you can afford to develop a content strategy and stick to it.
  1. Case Studies are Your Friend. Creating short and long form case studies to use as blog posts and repurpose as content elsewhere is a great strategy. Give your reader the opportunity to identify with the case study customer.  If you can help them, you can probably help that reader too
  1. Use Plain Language. Minimize industry jargon and buzzwords.  You want to make it easy for people to understand what you’re talking about. 
  1. Recognize others too. Whether it’s by inviting industry leaders and experts to guest blog for you, or by writing about customers, employees, and sometimes even competitors, those positive vibes have a way of reflecting back on you.
  1. Stand out from the Crowd.  Make sure you’re keeping an eye on what other blogs in your industry are talking about.  Try to provide a different take on industry trends to differentiate yourself from the crowd
  1. Form a Community. Blogging is a great way to start a conversation with your readers.  Don’t forget to respond on social media as well.  

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