7 Things Financial Advisors Need To Know About Digital Marketing

As a professional financial advisor, you know that bringing in potential clients is a priority for your business. If you’re not constantly filling your pipeline you’re not going to be successful.

Old school sales culture has dominated the way financial advisors have marketed for years. What used to work for was simple: a skilled salesperson would meet face-to-face with prospective clients and guide them through the sales process. This worked because the internet didn’t really exist and financial advisors controlled all of the information that potential investors needed to make their decisions.

Things have changed. The internet has made this type of sales process obsolete. These days investors have access to online information and services that help them select advisors and services.

It’s extremely important for financial advisory firms and professionals to start implementing digital marketing in order to obtain new clients. Those who begin implementing these top trends when it comes to digital marketing for financial advisors will be more competitive over time than those firms that elect to sit on the sidelines and do nothing to enhance their digital marketing presence.


With that in mind, here are seven things you need to know about digital marketing for financial advisors:


1. Inbound Marketing Creates Leads

The single biggest trend that impacts the way financial advisors market their services is inbound marketing. Inbound marketing uses a combination of blogging, lead magnets (downloadable content), social media, and email marketing to connect with potential clients who might be interested in your services

Previously financial advisors relied on outbound marketing tactics to win new clients: Telemarketing, direct mail, seminars, etc. However these tactics don’t really work any longer because an increasing number of people use the internet to find, screen, and select financial professionals.


2. Your Website is a 24/7/365 Brochure

The first place most potential clients visit online is a financial advisor’s website. Your homepage has about 10 seconds to deliver a compelling message that causes investors to want to learn more. Unless you make an immediate impression with your website, potential clients will move on to the next firm. 

 Quick! Briefly glance at your homepage and then close the window. If a random person looked at your homepage for 10 seconds, would they know exactly what it is you do and what you offer? No, then you can expect them to move on. However, if your homepage is designed with engagement funnels, those potential clients will want to learn more.


Here is what will keep people on your webpage:

  • Information about the services you offer
  • Information about your firm and advisors
  • Compelling free downloadable offers that solve financial problems

If they have a positive experience, they will initiate contact with you.


3. Blogging is Key

Old outbound marketing tactics are disruptive by nature. You are contacting people out of the blue. As a result, rejection rates are astronomical. This is a major waste of time, money, and energy.

 Imagine if you could produce blog content that did the following:


  • Solved financial problems for clients
  • Established you as an expert in your field
  • Increased traffic to your website
  • Produced contact data for email marketing automation 

Welcome to blogging – the single best way to produce traffic for your website. Not only do blogs keep the content on your website fresh, it also helps with your websites SEO score.


4. Video Marketing is Powerful

Video marketing is a great way to communicate information quickly and efficiently. 

Short 30sec – 1 min videos are a great way to connect with your audience and impart a lot of information in a short amount of time.  Most social media channels make it easy to record and share short informational videos on your profile. Hashtags such as #TipTuesdays and #FinanceFriday are popular across social media and can help amplify your reach.


5. Mobile Responsive Websites are Not Optional

A mobile-friendly website is an absolute necessity and the need will become more acute over time. More than 60 percent of all searches are conducted from mobile devices. Google also severely penalizes the organic ranking of your website on search engine results pages if it is not mobile-responsive. This means that you can have a great website full of content and it’ll still rank lower if it’s not mobile responsive.


6. Share Your Expertise

 The key to digital marketing for financial advisors is creating content to establish yourself or your business as experts. This can be a critical element when clients search online to learn more about you or your business. You want them to see a substantial amount of unique content authored by your firm.This shows potential clients you know what you’re talking about, and have the experience they need.


7. Niche Marketing = More Conversions

Speaking of niche, clients become suspicious when financial advisors present themselves as experts in everything under the sun.  

 Your trustworthiness is enhanced when you market yourself as a specialist. Determine who your ideal clients are and focus your website and digital content on this target audience.


If you’re unsure about digital marketing for financial advisors, There’s help, your expertise led you into business, but now you need a marketing strategy to turn your expertise into revenue.

Your knowledge and capabilities may lead the marketplace, but without a digital marketing strategy, you can’t reap the rewards of your hard work and expertise. The key to growth is building a digital marketing plan that you can execute to drive sales and build your lead funnel. 

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