4 Digital Marketing Tips for Insurance Agencies

Many independent insurance agencies admire how mega corporations manage their digital channels — from their corporate websites and social media to email and online advertising. These institutions have the luxury of massive budgets, ample staff and numerous supporting agencies, all helping them to crowd out other, smaller voices


Meanwhile, thousands of other independent insurance agencies like yours struggle. How can you compete without the same deep pockets and resources? If your institution has champagne marketing dreams but is faced with the reality of a beer budget, don’t get discouraged Here are ways you can develop a great marketing strategy no matter what.


1. Great Content Matters

Content marketing is key for insurance agencies. It helps you to draw in your ideal customers by attracting the attention of search engines For most insurance agencies, serving as a trusted source of information current and potential customers is a key goal. But building a robust library of articles is an ambitious proposition, and even the thought if it can result in anxious hand-wringing for most insurance agencies. Determine what your most important topics are, and start building a list of must-have vs. nice-to-have resources. 


2. Email Marketing Works

Email marketing is a great way to reach your audience. But, if you are like many agencies, it can feel like you’re simply mailing into a black hole. With a few tweaks, you can breathe new life into your email marketing program, and take some strides toward inbound marketing success.

Clean up your list. Many agencies aren’t successful with email because they have bad email distribution lists. Spend some time looking through your lists and doing any necessary clean up to maximize deliverability.

Rethink your email software. If you’re still sending email via Outlook, it’s time to stop and enter the 21st century.  Investing in a mail automation platform will allow you to manage and segment your lists for maximum effectiveness. You can create customized templates that match your agency branding and render correctly in all major email programs and across a variety of screen sizes.  Many also integrate with your CRM to make sure you keep all of your information in one place

Obsess over subject lines. Your email subject line is vital to cutting through inbox clutter. Spend time researching words that are known to trigger spam filters, keep your subject lines short, and even try out newer tactics that have been proven to increase open rates, such as using emojis.

A/B split test. Yet another reason to move to an email marketing platform. Many offer A/B testing built-in to their platforms. With a few simple steps, you can make minor changes to your emails and automatically test which performs better. The most effective email will then be chosen for distribution, and you can monitor open and click rates.

Segmentation and Personalization. While fancier approaches like remarketing help target emails to the right audience at the right time, those tactics are typically out of reach for most independent insurance agencies. Instead, segment your emails using current customer data so you’re sending relevant information to the people who want it.  And personalize your email using names and other data to make it clear that you’re paying attention.


3. Social Media Advertising is Key

While high organic ranking on search engines is a priority for every insurance agency, the reality is that institutions large and small are all competing for the same keywords on topics that are among the most competitive across all search engines. So why not move to social media advertising? You can maximize your advertising budget by moving to social media.  For just a few dollars a day you can reach your target audience with highly relevant ads. 

4. Improve Conversion Through Landing Pages

Many insurance agencies invest in paid ads but don’t have great conversion rates. One of the primary reasons is a poor-quality landing page. agencies often forget to invest in the landing page, and then scramble wondering what things didn’t work out. If you aren’t investing in dedicated landing pages for both paid and organic campaigns, then you are missing out on some big conversion opportunities. Many agencies link to their home page or a subpage of their website for offer details. This is a HUGE mistake. Since these pages are generic and are often stuffed with information, visitors quickly lose focus and will likely leave.


Landing pages are important not only for paid advertising but also for links from blogs or social media channels. Investing in properly designed landing pages will maximize your website’s ability to convert. A properly designed landing page will strip out all those non-essential elements, including site navigation, site search, social media sharing and cross-promotions. Its sole job is to focus on the details and draw the visitor into action. Once you have a landing page template designed, it can be repurposed for many different uses. 

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