There’s no denying the power of Instagram. From the young twenty-something to oldies, it’s a home ground for anyone who wants a glimpse into the lives of others through pictures. And all kinds of topics can take off there – believe it or not, some butts get more likes than a social event! Things can get viral and crazy on Instagram in just about no time. However, you’re probably going to need lots of followers for any chance of that happening. So, let’s explore some non-spammy ways to gain followers on Instagram.

Share Attractive Images

Instagram is a photo sharing site. So, above all else, you want to spend time making sure your images are actually good. Check any popular Instagram profile, and you’ll probably notice that they share amazing content. This means content that is interesting, as well as photos that are well-composed and pleasing on the eye. Look a little deeper and you might even notice that the top Instagrammers even have a certain “feel” running through their photos in the colors they shoot or the types of photos they create. This takes time to master.

Like Photos

Remember, Instagram is a social network so it’s important to interact with others. Start by liking loads of pictures in your niche to get people interested in following you. The more you like pictures of users outside your personal network, the more followers or likes you are likely to gain. Leaving meaningful comments helps, too – but make sure they’re genuine and not spammy! And don’t forget to follow accounts you like, too!

Time Your Pictures Right

There’s a right time to do everything, and this includes posting your Instagram photos. Unfortunately this takes time to master, as every audience is different. Make sure you track the number of likes and comments on each photo, and keep your eye out for any trends at different times of the day.

Use Hashtags

The right hashtags can make a huge difference to your follower count, getting your content out there in front of many more people than just your followers. Instagram allows as many as 30 hashtags on a single post, though you may want to choose fewer than that just to keep your posts looking clean. There are several websites out there to help you identify popular hashtags but, again, it’ll take time and analysis for you to learn which hashtags perform best for your niche.

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