The biggest benefit of starting a Facebook group might not be immediately visible. Eventually, your time interacting with your group on Facebook makes you better at doing exactly that. So your immediate benefit, that only delivers more rewards over time, is that you become more comfortable interacting with the people in your marketplace that join your Facebook group. In addition, you enjoy the following 4 big benefits.

You Create and Control a Community of Like-Minded People

Are you a member of a Facebook group? If you are on Facebook, you probably are. Rather than just randomly being exposed to the posts and updates of your Facebook friends, being a member of a group means you know what the topic of conversation is going to be about most of the time.

By starting your own Facebook group you have control over the discussion there. If you build your group properly, Facebook members looking for that information will jump on board, and you ultimately control how your community is run. When your Facebook group has reached an impressive size, the fact that you are looked upon as the leader of the community can deliver a lot of rewards.

You Increase Your Online Exposure

Just about every Internet marketer or blogger has a web presence. They have built a blog or a website where they put most of their focus. The web is a big place, however. That means that using the successful Pat Flynn strategy of “being everywhere” can multiply your exposure, and increase traffic back your website.

Pat Flynn is a well-known blogger, podcaster and successful online entrepreneur. Follow his advice. Make sure you are “everywhere” online, including in a Facebook group that you create and manage, and increase your exposure online.

You Enjoy Improved Sales without Selling

Social media sites like Facebook are just that … social. So this can be a part of your daily or weekly Internet marketing efforts where you get to let your hair down. Be yourself. Interact with people. Create a community that reflects your personality, and your socialization without openly selling will no doubt lead to better sales in the end.

You Are Exposed to New Blog Post and Product Development Ideas

Facebook has more than 1.25 billion active members. That is a lot of imagination, information, intelligence and knowledge floating around. Certainly, that also means there are different personalities and ways of looking at the problems and solutions in your marketplace. Your Facebook group gives you access to these ideas and outlooks you may not have been exposed to before. This can lead to blog post and product development suggestions that improve your perception as a leader in your market, while also helping your customers and prospects.

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