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We Help Time Starved Entrepreneurs Attract New Clients, Boost Repeat Business, and Stabilize Revenue
…while everyone else spins their wheels.

Are You Ready to Amplify Your Brand

You’ve got something really special. You know it in your heart. You’ve poured blood, sweat, and tears into your business, and now you want the whole world to know it. That’s where a collaborative marketing partner is invaluable. 

Amplitude Marketing works with female business owners who run service and consulting businesses and need a more consistent way to attract clients, boost repeat business, and use their time more efficiently. 

Target your ideal clients who see the value in your services

Generate more income, while reducing your workload

Establish your authority and build awareness of your business

Boost your repeat and referral business

Why Choose Amplitude

We let our clients focus on running their businesses, while we focus on making you shine.  We work with small businesses to strategize and guide them through the process of using digital marketing to scale their business. 

Grow Your Business

It makes sense that if your business is not in the digital marketing industry, your core skill set is not digital marketing. Guess what — ours is. We’re happy to free up that valuable time for you so you can concentrate on your business objectives and being successful. Let us properly develop and implement a smart digital marketing strategy. Let us worry about where, when, and what to post and to come up with creative content. Let’s each do what we’re good at!

Elevate Your Brand Reputation

Enhancing brand awareness is vital to any digital marketing strategy because of its immense impact on consumers’ decision-making. The more familiar and comfortable people are with your brand, the more likely they are going to support your business — and buy what you are selling. Strategic and continual digital content of interest to your target audience may also change one-time buyers to loyal customers who keep coming back to your business.

Generate Awareness

With more than 3 billion active users online daily, there is a huge untapped wellspring of potential customers. Getting their attention requires much more messaging finesse nowadays. We know how to identify and hone in on your target audience and prospective consumer base, as well as how to pique their interest and lead them to you. In turn, these customers will lead us down further paths — to even more pools of future customers.

Increase Your Revenue

Just having the traffic doesn’t guarantee sales. We know how to go the extra mile and work towards conversions. After all, what good are customers if they aren’t buying your products or services? Happy customers also provide excellent word-of-mouth marketing. What starts out as one transaction can turn into a chain of transactions — meaning more revenue and a bigger profit margin. Do more of what you love — for more money! 

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