Digital Marketing Done Right

We Can Help You With


Website Design

Your website is a flagship element of your business. Without an engaging, aesthetically appealing and functional website, customer acquisition and retention will take a turn for the worse. At Amplitude Marketing, we assess your website with the following questions: What will your audiences respond to? What will make the most impact on your business? We continually keep an eye on the metrics, always willing to pivot to improve overall performance

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is about connecting with your audience, whether they be clients, customers, or other groups you’d like to reach. Social media helps you to build awareness and consideration as well as influence and drive revenue for your business.


Copy is one of the most influential drivers of behavior. Our team of expert copywriters is ready to tackle everything from web copy to blogging to emails for you. 

3 Steps to Measurable Growth


Evaluate Your Business

We want to hear about your challenges, your processes, and your plans. You’ll discuss every aspect of your business and set goals with a marketing expert.


Establish Your 90-Day Plan

We work with you to plan out the next quarter of marketing initiatives, branding, messaging, and digital strategies to generate new leads.


Implement & Grow Your Business

As your digital presence improves you’ll experience the GROWTH your expertise deserves — without wasted resources of time or money.

Certifications and Partnerships